Cavglass is the brand name for the glassblower; Cavan Wright.

A unique, up and coming glassmaker to emerge from the UK.

Cavglass embraces the inherent qualities of glass envisioned in bespoke, premium sculpture and design.

The viscous and vibrant nature of molten glass is captured in his forms with a strong emphasis on fluidity and colour.

Wright's ethos is about the essence of glass being in unison with the artist's interaction. 

Cavan explores this relationship between material and maker, organically expressed into sculpted anatomical compositions and live-large scale installations.

Since graduating in 2019, Cavglass has been networking with companies and artisans in the world of glass, adding to his skillset whilst gaining new found friendships and knowledge.

Cavan currently works on a freelance basis as an assistant glassmaker.

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